Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is Random, who coined the term 'lazy days of summer'?
I hereby declare a new term: 'crazy days of summer'.
Feel free to quote me on that.

Moving on.
This is our Philippines mission team!
Zach, Trever, Kolton, Brad

We've had a couple brief reports, and all is well.  They will get to serve in church service tomorrow (tonight), so would you please pray for them?  We hope to receive a picture soon. *maybe that's just me - I love pictures!*

Suddenly summer softball and t-ball are in full swing.  They happen to be on the same night in separate towns, so Daddy and I will divide and conquer.

And finally, the Lord's crop is growing!  It's late, but it's all in His time.  In less than 60 days this tiny corn will be over our heads and ready for picking.

This weekend we're packing for kids' camp.  Kayden is old enough to go to kids' camp!  Kenzie is going as a sponsor - yeah!  

Youth Falls Creek is coming soon too!  

Now, on with your crazy summer day :)

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