Thursday, May 30, 2013

All in a Day...or Two

Our days are so exciting.  *ahem*
How exciting, you ask?
Well, for instance, yesterday, four Treasures and I headed out at the crack of dawn for a weekly 6-hour road trip.
See, Kasidi is thrilled.

And on the way home, these three were still thrilled.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the state, Daddy drove the campers to Falls Creek.
Sisters: 1 camper; 1 sponsor
This was a day or so before, but can you just say oh-my-yummy to Lori's lasagna!
Kaeleb's play-doh creations
Anyway...we arrived safely home from our road trip, only to be under threat of severe storms.  Some of us took this very seriously.
See what I mean
Daddy and 3 of our Treasures were driving home from Falls Creek, which left me in charge of preparing the storm shelter, watching the weather and knowing if and when we should go.  About the time the really nasty weather hit, Kolton called from the Philippines!
We had a brief conversation, and by the time we hung up, the first storm had passed.
Daddy and the rest of the Krew got home around 10:30, so he stood watch for the next round.
As for me, I was b.e.a.t.
We praise God for protecting His crop, yet again!

Stick around because tomorrow will be just as exciting... :)

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