Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

While Mother's Day is meant to celebrate that very special woman whom we call Mom (or Mommy, Mama, Mother...), it can be bittersweet.

Maybe you are longing to have a child and it just hasn't happened.  I pray that our heavenly Father would be your Comfort today and others would be sensitive to your broken heart.

Maybe you didn't have a good mama role model and don't really know what a mom is supposed to be.  I pray that God would wrap His loving arms around you and show you an unsurpassed love.  Whether He uses His children, His Word, your circumstances, or simply gives a fresh perspective, I hope you know you are loved.

Maybe your mama or your daughter have passed, and today you are only reminded of her absence.  I pray that God would fill your mind with such beautiful memories that your sadness would turn to joy.

Maybe you're a mama like me, overwhelmed by the daily tasks of mundane things such as laundry, dishes, mismatched socks, diapers and runny noses.  Today I pray that God would give us fresh perspective as we realize what an awesome responsibility and privilege we have to nurture and grow our Treasures.

Maybe you're a mama who surrendered your baby to the care of someone else.  Today I pray God will give you peace beyond understanding.  I pray you realize what a selfless decision you made and that your presence will always be etched in the heart of your child.

I am incredibly blessed to have 11 children, 3 of which I birthed and 8 because a mama on the other side of the world chose life.  I pray today that each of those 8 mamas have peace in knowing their babies are loved and are thriving under a tiny roof in mid USA.

To birth mamas, THANK YOU for choosing life!

To my children, THANK YOU for your gracious understanding in my failings, but know that I love you with all my heart!

To my mama, THANK YOU for being my mom.  I love you!

To the handful of mamas out there who don't even realize the role model you are to me, THANK YOU for setting a beautiful example!

To my Heavenly Father, THANK YOU for loving me when I am unlovely and for blessing me beyond my wildest dreams!  Thank you for 'ruining' me, allowing my heart to beat for You.

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