Friday, May 10, 2013

Are You Ready For a Challenge?

 Y'all, whether we like it or not, swimsuit season is right around the corner!
Maybe this doesn't scare you as much as it does me, but I have a whole bunch of little people who love the pool.

You've seen the pictures~
This is what I think I want to look like in a swimsuit...

This is what I actually look like!

Nice, huh?!? 
I'm thinking in the next 30 days I could move at least closer to the first picture. 
Here's where the challenge comes in.

As a Beachbody coach, I'm offering to coach anyone who wants to join me over the next 30 days, in anticipation of swimsuit season!

I believe we can do this together!
We will develop a community of encouragement and accountability, all striving to improve our overall health together!

There will be some requirements in order for us to measure progress and get good results ~

*You must commit for 30 days.
*You must be on Facebook.  This is so we can form a private group to build relationships, encourage one another and stay accountable.
*You must commit to a workout plan.  *I can help with this if you'd like*
*I would recommend that you commit to reporting in daily on the Facebook group.
*There's no time like the present, so let's kick off Monday, May 13th

If you're interested in starting an exciting journey of achieving good health, leave a comment on this post.  Also, send me a friend request on Facebook and let me know you want to take The Challenge.  *you can find my Facebook badge in the sidebar*

Let's do this together!

It's not magic.
It requires change.
It requires discipline.
The results will be amazing!


Melissa Tilton said...

I accept the challenge!s

Gerri said...

Challenge accepted!!
I sent a friend request to you so I can join the facebook group.

I know you don't know me, but I read your blog when I have time. :)


connie said...

Melissa and Gerri, for some reason your friends requests aren't showing up on FB yet. Friend me @ Connie Darnell Johnson and I'll add you asap! Thanks for accepting the challenge ~ it's going to be awesome!!!

Ashlee Smith said...

I'm in, I'll friend request you!

Steve and Darcy said...

Ok...I'm in!

Jolene said...

I'm in! I'm currently doing the Joggermom Marathon for the month of May and want to do a Junethon. So, lets get this on!

Michelle said...

The thought of me in a bathing suit at the kiddie pool already has me in a cold sweat- I guess I'm in!
Thankfully we finish homeschool today, so I'll have more time..?

We're already FB friends, so unless there's anything else I need to do, I'm ready.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

This is just what I need. I have lost a lot of weight this year, but have not been consistent in the area of exercise. Now, I need to tone up the flabby areas from all of the weight loss.

Thanks for getting this started. Encouragement is exactly what I need.

mama of 12

Stefani B. said...

I'm in!


connie said...

Laurel, I can't find you on FB, sister!

prvpine said...

I would like to join if there is still room? I have lost 40 lbs so I would like to start to excercise. We are already friends on FB.

Jo's Corner said...

Me me me! I Need a Challenge! We're friends on FB...I think? If not, I'll send a request. Hugs ~ Jo

Tammy Linzay said...

I need a challenge to get me motivated, I'm in!

Susan said...

I would like to join you!!!

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