Sunday, March 17, 2013

Worship at the International Church

Today we were able to attend the International Church.  It was amazing to worship with people from 49 other countries!

Little Miss brushing her teeth.
 At the service
 Daddy and Khloie taking a walk
 One of Khloie's new techniques ~ melt into a puddle when she doesn't get her way.  It's a lovely thing.
 Occupying herself with crayons
 ...for hours
Prayers were answered today when Khloie finally said a real word ~ MAMA!
She is so quiet and only coos, and her medical need certainly could affect her verbal skills.  We've just been praying and waiting.  She's clearly very intelligent!  She picks up the baby signs immediately.  And today God answered our prayers and confirmed that she can indeed speak!
Praise HIM!


lizzielou said...

Oh Connie, praise God!

Jan said...

So glad Khloie is doing so well! She is precious!

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