Friday, March 29, 2013

One Week Home!

I can hardly believe we've been home a full week!  Khloie is doing incredibly well.  She is repeating words, gradually eating more and more table food, and she's decided Mama is a rockstar!

Hair compliments of Kambry...

 Kasidi Joy is taking on the role of big sister very well, for the most part.  Yesterday she melted down big, which is to be expected, considering the major changes in her world as well.

I wish we could stay down a little more, but with a houseful of people, there are some things we just can't eliminate.  So...we've had some other big goings on this week.

Kennah-bug had another tube surgery.  She and Daddy left at 3:30 this morning and are on their way home.

Kenzie would say this is the biggest thing of the week ~ passing her driving test in the Beast yesterday!  It was certainly huge for me, leaving the house before 8 am with 3 toddlers, 2 teens, practice parallel parking in the lot, sitting at DMV for 3 hours, bringing Kenzie back for her license, then back to town for major grocery shopping with said toddlers. 

So proud of you, Kenzie!

And speaking of eating, we have a new Chick-Fila
 fan in the family!  Girlfriend can eat many new foods now as we gradually introduce them.  She is learning to chew and swallow.

So much goodness this week.  And best of all, we celebrate our resurrected Savior!!!!!!


Jen said...

Just came from China a few weeks ago & have off & on followed your story! Praise God for your new little one & how His hand of grace has followed her home! Have a great Easter, Jen

Kristin said...

You are awesome! Such an inspiration as we prepare to travel to China in a couple of months. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

Jean said...

Oh I so understand when you hit the ground running! It is the same way for us!
The others at home really help the new little ones!
So thankful!!
Blessing on your Easter Sunday!!

holly:) said...

So happy for your family that your newest Treasure is adjusting well! Rest when you can with your full schedule, Connie! I have to say, that I'm glad that you are home.:)

Have a wonderful Easter!
Love to you all,

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!!! I'm just catching up with your latest news... So exciting! We've been home for 3 months now with our 2 sweetie pies:) so much fun!

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