Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's been a day, y'all!

This day started out great!
We arrived at the airport early, boarded our plane on time...
and then because of a hydraulic leak we deplaned.

But there was still hope of making our international connection to Beijing if we left within 2 hours.
But we did not.
So we we reticketed to catch a later flight out of Chicago that would put us in Xian Saturday morning.
Not our plan A, but at least we would be there.
And then it seemed possible that we could still depart in time to catch a flight to Hong Kong, spend a night of rest in Hong Kong and fly to province Saturday morning.
We boarded.
We fired up.
We fired down.  Another issue.
We missed our chance for Hong Kong...and rest.
But we finally did take off, even though we wondered if this Triumph plane would make the trip.
I've been too busy to unleash the tears of excitement...and fear...and excitement...and exhaustion ...
until today.  They came.  Right there at the ticket counter.  Big.ugly.  I want my girl in my arms!!!!
Once we finally took off, things turned around again.
We ran through O'Hare in hopes that our HK flight had been delayed.  It had not.
So we ran to customer service.  
And God brought beauty from the ashes! 
We didn't get a quick flight.  But the agent was doing everything in his power to be sure we arrived in Khloie's province well before she was there waiting on us!
We will depart Chicago at 7:55 pm, will spend 12-ish hours in Beijing *sigh* and finally fly to Xian and arrive at 9:45 Saturday morning!
It is likely we will receive Khloie Sunday afternoon!
So here's what God did:
True story~
Agent man told us that he truly believes there is a reason for everything and God is in control (yes!).  He understands this because he was a friend, co-worker, and ticketing agent for one of the flight crews that went down on 9/11.  Since then he has responded to his heart's desire to serve the Lord in other countries as a missionary, in addition to his job with the airline.  He was a breath.of.fresh.air!

I'm trying not to think about the fact that we could now be halfway through our long flight and just focus on the truth that we will soon leave the country, and we will hold Khloie!!!

Thank you for your prayers!
God is sovereign!!!


Julie said...

Wow. What a story! We are also trying to get to China for our daughter. We were suppose to fly out Wed but a huge storm was forecast for Virginia (we've had virtually no snow all winter) for Tues night/Wed. So we drove up to the airport a day ahead to beat the storm only to have our flight cancelled. The next thing to Beijing we could get on isn't til tomorrow! We couldn't drive back home at that point (the snow was still coming down and reports from home were at least a foot and still coming down hard). So we have been hanging out in our hotel waiting for tomorrow. This is our first time there so we were planning a couple of days in Beijing. Our trip won't change except that we will fly a day later to Hubei province and get our daughter a few hours later than had planned. Can't wait! Wishing you a quick remainder of your trip and a beautiful gotcha day!

groovy mama said...

Huge & more hugs!!!!!
When went went to airport for Ella the airline said they didn't have a seat for me:( I was on a wait & see if someone doesn't make it!!!! Frustrating! I know but worth it i the end:)

MamaV said...

Oh man! I can't imagine what must have been going through your head! Prayers for safe and uneventful flights the rest of the way there!

Erika said...

I am so excited for you, I can hardly sleep!!! I know it's a huge ordeal getting there and going through everything - but it is so amazing and exciting. I am SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!


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quilt'n-mama said...

Praying the rest of your flight connect and get to Xian. I didn't realize that is where you are going. Our son is from there and we absolutely LOVED our time in Xian 4 years ago!
Can't wait to hear that you made it and see your sweet girl in your arms.

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