Sunday, March 10, 2013

PSA ~ Blogging and FB'ing in China

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a public service announcement:  how to blog and FB while in China.

Because we are trying to pass the next few hours, and because every post hereafter will contain all things Khloie!

I'm not an expert, and my experience has come purely from trial and error, but I'm happy to share what has worked for us.

We blog from China so our children, family and friends back home can see what's happening on the other side of the world.  It's our way of communicating... and it's therapeutic for me :)

The last few years it has become necessary to use a VPN, virtual private network, to access blogger, FB and other blocked sites in this country.  A VPN that works today may not work next month, so we ask people who have recently traveled what was successful.  As of now, Vypr VPN is gold!  We haven't had any issues.  Our backup VPN is PandaPow, and so far I haven't had to use it.

I subscribed to Vypr and PandaPow about a week before we left (it's $9.99 for 1 month), got it set up on the computer and tested it to work out any bugs before I left the country.  I also wrote down my user names and passwords because my mind is completely consumed with more important things while in China:)  But I set it so that I am always logged in.  When I boot up the computer it automatically asks if I want Vypr to connect.

With Vypr I've been able to blog and...

without any problem whatsoever.

We also use Skype!
If you don't use Skype, I would encourage you to subscribe.  It's free and just takes a moment to load.  It's a way to video chat with our kiddos back home. We can also make phone calls on Skype for pennies a minute!  We have a Paypal account and can prepay for Skype phone minutes.  That way we can use our computer to make phone calls to any land line or cell phone back home...and did I mention it's pennies per minute.

That's the limit of my knowledge :)  Many blessings to you as you prepare to travel!!!!


Jennifer P said...

Great advice. We also got two VPN's both times. Everything seems different in each hotel.

Marie said...

Ok so obviously I'm completely ignorant when it comes to all this technical stuff...never heard of VPN's before. We've had difficulty even sending basic emails and have learned to not mention FB or blogging in Ch*na as it is frowned upon by some.
Can't wait to hear about your forever Khloie day!

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