Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 1 - Boring-Without-Khloie-Pix :)

To prove I can keep my sense of humor...Kenzie, this is the pose-in-the-bathroom-and-post-on-FB picture - LOL!  *I finally figured out how you girls do that*
This was at the Beijing airport and before things turned ugly.

 Work Station
 Lovely Chinese restaurant around the corner of our hotel.  Delicious Chinese food, complete with English and pictures!  Can't ask for more than that.

 Oh Coffee, you are so good to me!
 Lobby of our hotel.
Y'all are going to get tired of my blogging.  There isn't a lot to do yet.  We are going to the Goose Pagoda this morning so I will post again later. 
 I'm trying not to sleep in the afternoon so jet lag doesn't bite me.  Yesterday at 3:30 I was so bored because hubby was completely unconscious ALL AFTERNOON, so I finally laid down for a power nap....and woke up at 7:45!

Over and out until pagoda pix...


Lori said...

This is so great! I love everything about it. Especially the pic of you!

And the Chinese food.

And the coffee.

SO wish I was there with you!!


Jennifer P said...

Quite an adventure you are having. Thank goodness for calm husbands. Tomorrow, tomorrow, excited to meet your daughter even if it is only online.

holly:) said...

Man! What a ride! Now take the opportunity to eat, shower, sleep, stay healthy and safe, and did I say sleep?:) Thinking of and praying for you both as you wait for your newest Treasure to join her forever family. It will be here before you know it!
Love, hollym.:)

likeschocolate said...

So happy today is going better! I told my husband we need to be careful when we go to China as to make sure we don't get taken at the airport. Thanks for sharing your story.

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