Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Rest of the Story...Gotcha!

So sorry for the delay in posting.  Our internet has been down since yesterday :(  So, without further ado~

We are praising God for having Khloie!
Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement!
Isn't she lovely?!?

We were to arrive at the Civil Affairs building at 2, and we were early.  And the orphanage staff was late.  My stomach was in knots waiting.  And then they walked in...
Xuan Xuan *pronounced Schwin Schwin* is a tiny little thing underneath bundles of clothing.
She has the softest voice and such a pleasant personality...but girlfriend knows what she wants!

At first she didn't want either one of us.  She eventually went to Mommy...or maybe I just swiped her out of their arms :)
Once Daddy held her that was it.
The best place for Mommy was 2 steps behind.
Daddy had her smiling and then giggling in no time.
Trying on jewelry.

 Naturally, we had a stash of DumDums, and they saved the day!
She copies everything!  She even learned the sign for "more" on the van ride home.
 Stickers were awesome!  Especially when she got to slap them on Mommy's face.
At the Civil Affairs office we were able to ask more questions about her history, her daily routine and her likes and dislikes.
We then went to a photo shop to have our adoption picture and her passport picture made.
Then, because the orphanage staff was not able to carry the boxes of diapers onto the bus for the trip home, we stopped at a post office to ship them.  No kidding, it cost 17 rmb (that's less than $3!)
The van driver, Khloie and I stayed in the van while Daddy and Celine went to the PO.  At first things were good.  We knocked on the window,we played peekaboo and we made faces...and then baby girl got very sad.  It broke my heart.  She has such a soft cry, but her tears broke through.  As I gently rubbed her tiny legs and whispered to her, she finally gave up and settled down.  That was the beginning of a breakthrough.  
When Daddy returned she wanted to sit on his lap, but she no longer pushed me away.
Since we skipped lunch and Khloie had a 5 hour bus ride...and because food is the way to any Johnson's heart, we decided to eat an early dinner in the hotel restaurant.
I was curious what she could really eat, which turns out is very limited.  I had her sit on my lap, and I fed her.  I am determined to get her to accept me :)  It worked!
She loves congee and eggs.  She eats very slowly and holds food in her mouth so we are careful to keep her from choking.
Once in the room, we were all exhausted, but I was dying to put her in fresh PJs and give her a warm bottle.  So we gave her a warm bath...

 lotioned her dry skin, made a warm bottle, and she settled right in.
 She fell asleep like this.  And didn't stir when I moved her to the crib.
Today we return to Civil Affairs to complete the adoption paperwork and then have free time this afternoon.
God is so very good!
We have been incredibly blessed.
Smith Family, you are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
Church Family, you are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
We praise God for all of you!
Please continue praying for Khloie.  Her world has been turned upside down.  Although she will settle in and learn to accept love, right now she is in a state of trauma and turmoil.
She is loved.  She is orphaned no more!


Erika said...

what a wonderful update!!!! praying for your new daughter to know how much she is loved...

Jen said...

Having just got back from visiting multiple orphanages in China. Your post brought tears to my eyes! Oh the beauty of an adopted child...orphaned no more! Praising God! ~ Jen

Cindy said...

Oh Connie she's absolutely precious! (Our oldest is from Xian, amazing city to tour in your spare time there.) Khloie looks like quite the cuddle bug? So sweet!
Glad to hear all is going well, enjoy your journey to bring your newest blessing home!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Orphaned no more! What a blessing for your precious family and for Khloie! Can't wait till you're home with your K Krew! Be safe and healthy. Sleep well!
Love you all, hollym.:)

Sarah said...

Praise God for his goodness!!! Congrats Johnson family!! Another beautiful child in your family! ♥

thesleepyknitter said...

So beautiful! Precious Khloie.

Kjernald Family Adventures said...

Hey there,

I have been following your journey..or journeys for that matter and am so excited for you guys. Khloie is really beautiful and is another beautiful blessing from the Lord.

I have been sitting here at my computer very hesitant, and praying about whether I should say anything, but I wanted to ask you about her misquote bites.

When we picked up our son he had the same thing (and were told they were misquote bites also) and it turned out to be MRSA (strep). Not a huge thing, ...but definitely something that needed medical attention and something I had never heard of before. Please check to see if there is puss in the middle of them and make sure they are checked by a doctor when you get home. I can look back now and realize that they didn't say what they feared about the bumps because they were afraid we wouldn't keep him...little do they know the love we have for these kids.

I don't want you to be scared, just aware. Please know it comes from a prayerful heart.

I will be praying for you as you make the journey home to your other Treasures.


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