Thursday, December 15, 2011

Party Central

It's true, yesterday was my birthday!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes ~ what a blessing!
My birthday is so special that the youth group came out to celebrate it - bahahahahaha! Actually, we just happened to plan the youth Christmas party for Wednesday the 14th. But what a fun bunch to celebrate with.
As for my gifts ~ Kasidi's good news; the most beautiful message a mama could receive (from Kuyler); sweet birthday wishes from my man, my mom and my 10 treasures; the 'official' news that Kuyler is graduating from OU next May ...and there's something brewing among the big kids and their dad. I've begged, threatened and even demanded they tell me, but their lips are sealed. Hmmm, maybe I could get Kooper to tell me...
But anyway, about the party. April and I slaved away all day ...

We tried a new way of exchanging gifts by passing the gifts to the left and right, according to the story.




Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like a LOT of FUN!

Laurel :)

groovy mama said...

You are too fun!!! Happy birthday!!!

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