Sunday, December 18, 2011

Help Needed!

A few weeks ago I posted about my friend Mandi's fundraiser to bring her daughter Kalia home from China.
You responded!

They now have TA...and CA...and leave next Friday!  That's right, two days before Christmas!
But they are still thousands of dollars short and will not be able to travel without the funds to do so.

I know what that feels like.  But I also know that nothing is too big for God!  At what seemed to us the very last minute, but was in His perfect time, He provided all we needed, and I trust He will do the same for Mandi.

She is still holding the i-Pad fundraiser till tomorrow.  Even though she chip-in says the goal is reached, there are still funds needed.  

Will you please pray for this precious family and ask the Lord what He would have you do to help them get Kalia home?
The fundraiser ends tomorrow!
Please go check it out!

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