Monday, December 19, 2011

Immediate Help for Yager Family!!!

The Yagers have all the approvals required to fly to China this Friday, December 23rd! However, they must book flights today and are still short $5,500. They have worked hard for the past 16 months and have prayed even harder. Without the additional $5,500 they can't leave this Friday, meaning they WILL NOT meet Kalia on Christmas Day and travel will be delayed until the funds are in hand.
We know the Lord's timing is perfect and His provision is boundless!
Maybe He wants to give us an opportunity to search our hearts and choose to respond to this need.
Will you please prayerfully consider helping Matt and Mandi bring Kalia home for Christmas?
You can check out their blog at

God bless you!!!

1 comment:

Lillie Family said...

Thanks for posting this ! Our family got TA the same day as Mandi and I saw on RQ she was trying to get out ASAP. I just contributed so I am glad you posted the need. God will answer!!

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