Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is It Time for School Yet???

These monkeys are having a blast...

...but I think the big kids are getting bored.
I try to keep them busy, but they resist the chores I give them :)

Kuyler went back to Norman today. After four and a half years of him leaving for still makes me sad when he goes.

His classes don't start till mid January, but he recently started working at a gym and is taking clients for personal training. I guess he's livin' in the real world now :(


Cari said...

i know i'm ready for school to start back up and we still have until the 3rd....aack!

Jodi said...

Jailyn is sooo bored! Jorja is loving her time to play dolls! :) The rest aren't ready to go back - but mom kinda is - though I am enjoying the lazy days! :)

I get emotional these days just thinking of Brady leaving the house! :( praying for you friend!

lizzielou said...

HI Friend!
Tried to email instead but for some reason I could not send it! Question for you please, whenever you have time....I remember from following here, when you went to China for Kasidi and Kennah, you had Kasidi in a carrier a lot... I would like to carry my daugher around this way (if she will let me lol) and was wondering if the carrier you used was a good and comfy one? HOpe you and your family are having a great holiday!

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