Saturday, July 30, 2011

One of 'those' conversations

Likely, if you've adopted, especially internationally, you've either had one of 'these' conversations or heard about them.
Gotta' say, there's a reason the Lord puts ignorant people in the path of my husband rather than me. He's so much more graceful.

He was selling yummy corn this morning, which is a rare occurrence for him...but that's another story. Ah well, it's my blog, so I'll tell ya. He usually picks the corn and then we keep him here on the farm while the big kids sell it. See, he loves to chat. A lot. He may have a line of customers waiting and he'll be chatting with the first one in line. That's great for business...unless it's 117 degrees out and folks are in a hurry. But today, on a whim, he headed to town with a load of corn to sell, and I know it was a divine appointment.

So happens that the local rodeo is this weekend, and therefore, the rodeo stock contractor is in town. I don't know his name, but for the purposes of this conversation we'll call him Mr. I. "I" for Idiot Ignorance.

Mr. I bought a bag of corn, which apparently bought him the right to say whatever fluttered from his brain to his mouth. But it is a free country, right? The conversation began casually: weather, family, and the like, when it quickly turned ~

CJ: I've got 10 kids; 7 are adopted from China.
Mr. I: Why in the h... would you do that?
CJ: Well, sir, there are millions of children in China alone needing a family.
Mr. I: Well, adopting 7 won't make a difference.
CJ: Tell that to them.
Mr. I: Tell it to who?
CJ: My 7 children.
Mr. I: Tell it to the 3 you didn't adopt when they lose out.
CJ: Lose out on what?
Mr. I: Their inheritance.
CJ: What's an inheritance?
Mr. I: That's what it's all about.
CJ: Sir, my inheritance isn't on this earth.
So, it was a seed. Probably planted on rocky soil but nonetheless, it was a seed.
Maybe you'd be willing to join me in praying for Mr. I.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21


Lori said...

Oh how I wish I had CJ's quick thinking. Or I guess I should say, his sensitivity to the Spirit's prompting.

I would have butchered that conversation. Sigh.

Lori said...


The first one was for Mr. I and the second one was for Mr. CJ.

Not sure I'd been so graceful to Mr. I, cuz I got a hot head and a mouth on me sometimes.

MotherOfTwo said...

Truly beautifully handled.

Cari said...

wow...your husband has more grace than I would have had with that conversation. Praying for God to water that seed.

Diane said...

Outstanding response!

Yvette said...

Oh your husband is good!! BRAVO!!

thesleepyknitter said...

Way to go! We've had some of "those" conversations, but never one quite as blatant as "your 'bio' kids will be upset when they don't get an inheritance". Wow. I had never even thought of that particular issue before. But your husband handled it brilliantly.

Lillie Family said...

Oh gosh, too much! Thanks for sharing, I agree that your hubby planted a seed. And THAT is what it is all about!!

Grandma Shelley said...

Oh man...I wish I had that wit. LOVE his answer....and the silence. Way Kewl.

Jennifer said...

I am so not that quick witted but man your hubby rocks! I have a very hard time not boiling over when those "i" people say things. Oh my, I'm gonna take a lesson from your hubs!

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Some people are amazing. Mr. I for the wrong reasons and CJ for all the right reasons. So far we have been fortunate to not have any conversations from people like that. If I do I hope I can handle it like that. ... Kevin

Jodi said...

at least Mr. I is honest with his ignorance - gives him a place to begin to learn. :) Love when Mr. Greenthumb partners with God and plants seeds in the hearts of man. Praying for Mr.I as God waters this precious seed!

April said...

Shared this story with my family. I love how CJ has handled the so many "Mr I". When I read the story Kaylee says " I have goose bumbs" we live u CJ!

Suzette said...

Some people just don't "get it," and they also don't get to share in the blessings! Glad he handled it with such humility and grace. Who knows but that he was just the person to show him the Lord and change his life!
If but for the grace of God my heart might have been the same. Thank you, Jesus for loving us enough to not leave us the same!

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