Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hope for Today *update*

*update below*

I must confess that the pace of life right now is much faster than I prefer. I’d rather stroll through the day, taking time to enjoy every moment. But today’s reality is a marathon of rushing here and there, rarely finishing a conversation, spending much too little time with my children and often wondering if I’ve missed an important appointment or deadline. This kind of chaos leaves me empty. I lack perspective, energy, desire …and sometimes even hope.

Can you believe that? I have the assurance of eternal life, yet lack the hope for today. Something’s gotta give!

As stewards of an abundant crop and parents to ten beautiful children, our summer days are anything but lazy. Most days we are exhausted. Have you ever been there ~ so tired or confused you can’t remember how to put one foot in front of the other, let alone make a decision beyond what’s for supper?

The Lord has poured out His blessings on our family ~ I know this! But the truth is, some blessings come with a price. I say this not so you’ll feel sorry for me, but to encourage you! Maybe you’re there. You’re seeking the Lord; you’re responding in obedience…and in the midst of it all there is despair. Even though we know we have an opportunity to grow in the hard places, we sometimes lack that perspective in the moment-by-moment encounters that seem to wrestle us to the ground.

This week I’m asking the Lord not necessarily to help me see in the dark, but to lead me through the dark with hope. I have such limited vision of His grand plans that I can easily get lost in the momentary troubles. Yet I know in my heart His plans are good and He is faithful to bring them to fruition. He has given me the opportunity to seize abundant life here and now, this side of heaven. That is my hope.

By faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope. Galatians 5:5

Even when I see nothing in the darkness, am I willing to walk through it with Him? When my cup seems filled with sorrow, am I willing to drink it? I want the answer to be “YES”! I’m clinging to His hand and claiming His promises, waiting expectantly for a glimmer of light that I KNOW will come. He is already stirring my heart! I am intentionally seeking Him, poring over His promises. I can stand victoriously, even in the darkness!

One of the ways He refreshes me is through prayer…for others. I love intercessory prayer. In January I started a new prayer journal and prayed through your requests daily until my trip to China. By that time many of your prayers had been answered!

So…it’s time to update my prayer journal. I would be honored to stand in the gap for you. If you’d like me to pray for you, please either leave a comment or email me.

*Thank you for allowing me to pray for you! I've gotten your comments and emails and intend to respond to each one. Ya'll have blessed me so much by allowing me to pray for you!*

How can I pray for you?


Serving the King said...

Not sure how you knew what was on my heart today but thank you for that encouragement! Praying for you friend!

Shonni said...

This is so “right” for me today. I have been feeling “in the dark” because of some things. I will email you...

Anita said...

Connie what perfect timing for your post today!!! I have been following your blog since another adoptive mom posted it on the adoption agency we have both used-Dillon international.

What a joy it is to find another woman on the face of this planet who loves God and kids like me!!! I feel so normal when I read your post--even the whole chaos feelings and such. I will be lifting you up in prayer as I have been and do have a prayer request.

I am the mother of 6 beautiful kids--four bio who are all married and two little ones who where born in Korea but got to Oklahoma just as fast as they could! I also am the NANA to 6 little treasures and the prayer is for the 6th one who was born last week at 27 weeks weighing in at 2 pounds 1 oz, She is doing fabulous and my prayers are for her parents--my Son John and his wife--that they feel the peace of God during this time of extreme chaos and uncertainty,that their faith in GOD not only remain strong but grow deeper, and that they have no guilt in spending time with her while leaving their oldest child with Nana--this is the hardest one for my daughter in love! Thank you!!

thesleepyknitter said...

Connie, I know we all feel that way from time to time, but I think the three or four months immediately after bringing an adopted child home are especially exhausting. It's different than bringing home a bio baby who sleeps 16 hours a day. You're bringing home a little person who needs your love but also your teaching, all day long, and meanwhile your other children who have missed you during your weeks of travel are wanting extra from you, too. I pray that things settle down for you and your sweet ones, and that you get a chance for physical rest and "Sabbath" rest and even relational rest within the family. All are needed. Blessings to you!

Cari said...

Hey Girlfriend! I'm so needing prayer to make it through these final two days until my hubby and oldest teen return from their Honduras mission trip. God has truly blessed me with "good days" since they left last Friday, but even the minor behavioral issues are starting to wear on me. I'm feeling the need for a break from the kiddos in a major way, but trying not to show it to them in an ornery way. :}

Sophie said...

I would be so grateful if you could pray for us. We began another adoption and have had to put it on hold because of finances. It's been so heartbreaking for me.
Thank yo so much for this blessing,
I'm having difficulty trying to get your email adress and there is something more specific I would love for you to pray for, can you please email me?

Thank you so much and God bless you

Lillie Family said...

Connie - please pray for my friend Sharon, who is adopting a little girl (well, I think she is 12 actually) from Haiti. She was doing it on her own (w/o agency) and the US/Haiti just shut that process she is starting all over again.

Also, we could use a prayer or two. We are on day 29 of our PA wait (that is suppose to be done in a week!). They are "reviewing" our file for medical reasons (I promise we are healthy!) and we are PRAYING that we get approved.

Awesome post, selfless!

Angie said...

i would love some prayer regarding our 2nd sn adoption from china. we were ready to give up due to finances when we recieved an amazing blessing, someone offered us 6,000 for a matching fund!!! my prayer is that we would be able to have that fully matched. We need to have it matched by the end of august specifically. thank you so much! angie

Naomi said...

I am just wondering if you received my email? I think I sent it a week ago. I would love your prayers for the Lord's provision. He knows what that is for without me saying exactly and so please pray that the Lord would provide exactly what we need :)

Thanks Connie, that is so sweet of you to do this for us all.

love Naomi

Jennifer said...

Connie, to know a sister in Christ is praying provides comfort such comfort. Could you continue to pray for our adoption of our Joshua. Our paperwork is wrapping up and we need to prepare our home (not ready) and our hearts (most are ready) and then pack (not started). Mostly we need prayer for those left behind who will need extra love when Mom and Dad are gone.

Blessings, Jennifer

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