Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kenzie, the Graduate!

We have an 8th grade graduate!
It happened 7 weeks ago today, but it's still exciting!
A little pre-graduation party. She loved the camera ~ perfect for an upcoming trip!
Isn't she just beautiful!

Let the party begin!

Ready to serve your root beer float!

So many gifts! It was a late night...
...and then we headed to the airport, on an adventure that has forever changed our family, in the BEST way!

And that is why this graduation post is so overdue.
Kenzie, we are very proud of you!


Jodi said...

way to go Kenzie!!! I love your dress! Congrats girl! We need to get you Kenzie's together again very soon!

Serving the King said...

So sweet! Congratulations Kenzie! What a way to celebrate such a milestone!!

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