Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kayden! (a little late)

Birthdays are best celebrated with your BFF!

Girlie, you've been stringed!

Oh look - it's a brother! She'd tell you she didn't need that :)
Kayden's birthday falls around the 4th of July and usually when I'm at Falls Creek. And we have several June birthdays...so being the ever-so-efficient mom that I am, we celebrate late. Her request this year: "I want a birthday party...and I DON'T want it in August!" :) :) :)
Happy birthday, sweet Kayden Faith! You add beauty to every day!


Shonni said...

Happy Birthday.

April said...

Yes Happy Birthday Kayden! I love you

Jodi said...

First of all - Can't believe you are 8 already!!!! Oh my lands!!!
I'm having a hard time getting my mind around that! :)

Second - sorry girlie - but getting "stringed" is a right of passage! Love a big brother who is willing to help you experience this! :)

Third! - you are so patient with your momma! My Kenzie's birthday is in July too and she has had to wait til September to celebrate!
Just wait when you are old enough to go to Falls Creek,as a camper, for your birthday - it'll it be super fun!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Our family: said...

Oh my goodness! You are such a beautiful family! You are one blessed mama! I just had some time to go back on your blog and read about your latest two baby girls. Oh how I can't wait to go back to China to get our next little girl. I definitely have China fever! Your fundraising has inspired me too. We are totally taking this adoption by faith and God is pouring out his miracles.
God bless you!

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