Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Slumber!

Guess who slept in her very own bed ALL NIGHT last night?
Yeah, Kinley Grace!!

We've been co-sleeping since we first held this precious girl because it was what she needed. I have been reluctant to move her to her own bed for fear of disrupting the school kids' sleep...fear that it would disrupt our sleep...and fear that she would hate it.

Last night we made a big deal of setting up her bed. She played in it a long time.

Then I asked four friends to pray for us, got three cups of milk, read a story, prayed with the girls and walked out of the room.

Kinley came through the house twice, looking for me, but went right back to bed and fell asleep.

Don't you love it that God is in ALL the good things, even the little ones!


Jodi said...

What a blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kinley!!
We were blessed in that area....Kaci has slept in her own bed since day one and, other than some initial adjustment, has done wonderfully!
So very happy to see Kinley and Kooper thriving. Hard to believe it's already been over 7 months since we were in China!


Shelly said...

Great job Kinley!!! Sleep is a VERY good thing!

Cari said...

That is a BIG deal!!! Good for you all. I thought we were going to need to co-sleep with our 2 y.o. home from China in March, but she did fine with putting her in the same room with her 5 y.o. sister. They are in separate beds, but right next to each other.

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