Monday, June 14, 2010

Cute Stuff!

Check out these adorable clothes my friend Diane sent the kids!
She's not mad about the dress; she's just mad:)
You get the idea.
We met Diane in China last October. She traveled for Tia, her petite princess. We immediately became friends and continue to talk, almost daily :)
Last week when I was having one of those days, I was surprised to get a huge box in the mail! Inside the box were t-shirts for the bigs, a beautiful handbag for me and two outfits for each of the littles! (Oh, and the Beth Moore book I've been wanting forever, Get Out of That Pit)!
Diane and her husband Terry have three beautiful bio kiddos and have adopted two precious ones from China. They sponsor kiddos from New Day and are an all-out amazing family! They are also planning Lifeline's Reunion in Missouri this summer ~ can't wait!!!
They stitch clothing, bags and all kinds of goodies to fund adoptions and currently are raising funds for a mission trip to China next year. Check out their digs here!


Jodi said...

adorable!!!! the outfits are cute too!

Girl On A Mission said...

I love the outfits!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Those outfits are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

:) :) :)

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