Thursday, January 21, 2010


Candidly speaking, Monday home school was okay, Tuesday was terrible, Wednesday was better...
On Wednesday Kooper could say about half the alphabet. Daddy has this amazing way of teaching him, and today Kooper said the entire alphabet! He's now working on writing it...a zillion times!
So, this is the season we are in ~
where English needs to be the first language,
the laundry is never done,
there's a neat stack of school books on every flat surface,
the pencil sharpener is overworked,
Mama gets up at 4 just to get some work done in peace and quiet,
Daddy is gearing up for corn between teaching, laundry and driving the school bus,
we dream about subtraction tables,
plan a week of meals in advance,
Checkers is the game of the day,
constantly strive to relinquish the control we never really had...
and wonder why we are dog tired by 9 p.m. :)

Not so long ago I was that mom who wouldn't allow Play-Doh in the house because I didn't want the mess. Times, they have changed ~ Play-Doh is my friend!

And ya' know what? Life is good!


Martha said...

Reminds me of the SCC song, "Signs of Life." Your house is full of them. Cheering you on!

Susan said...

We are right there with you. Good days and some not so good! Running the race and trying to keep our eyes on the prize.

trina said...

I totally relate to everything you said! I wondered if we were the only family. :)
I need to email you!!

Kim said...

It's all Good...
Our prayers are with you friend as your family blends and makes this transition.
We are so blessed aren't we!!
Love ya friend
Kim(Brad and the chili peppers)

Anonymous said...

You are one smart lady! You have your laundry piles on the table instead of the bed- that way you can fall into it in the evening. hmmm maybe I should move my folding area :). Playdough is also my friend LOL- Jessa is yelling for it after looking at the pic R"OFL

Jill and Rick said...

Glad I peeked in this morning - I've been wondering how Kooper (and his teachers) were adjusting with the school changes. I know it won't be easy, but you made a wise decision.

Sounds like a wonderfully full, busy life to me, Connie!


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