Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Clayton...and this n' that

This is my Kolton Tee! He shys away from the camera, but Mom can always find him. I wanted to share his project. He's been raising chickens for almost a year now. He's got several breeds, and he gathers 6 to 10 eggs every day. He's also got his own hatchery and has many full-grown hatchlings. He's currently building a chicken run. He's my go-getter!

This shows my photography inability ~ the wall says "The Hangout" and I missed it!

One of the nesting boxes.

Happy Birthday, Honey! In celebration, Daddy grilled steaks, taters and veggies!

Apparently I said, "On three give me your goofiest or saddest face." Kuyler, we missed you!
A guy can never have too many cowboy cuts!

Did somebody say cake?!? Don't worry, Kuyler, I ate your share :)
Just doing what he asked - the ever-so-compliant mom :)

It's Monday. No, not laundry day ~ every day is laundry day here!

In other news ~ it's a new and improved week! We have a 14 year old who is much more eager to learn (thanks to the power of prayer!). Not sayin' there aren't going to be some rough days ahead, but we've seen a huge upward swing. Better get to the 'to-do' list....


dyanna said...

Your blog is very interesting.I like it.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice day.

Jodi Sue said...

Awesome Kolton!
Happy Bday Clayton!
I think the Duggars have an great idea - of one clothing room - everyone goes to one room to get their clothes! Trying to figure out how I can arrange that! :)

Shonni said...

If I didn't see that laundry sight in my own home, that picture would have scared me! LOL It still did a little :)

Shelly said...

Was your hubby's birthday yesterday???? My hubby's was yesterday! He's the big 39!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Adeye said...

Happy Happy birthday Clayton. Hope you had a stunning day!

LOVE all the gorgeous family pics, my friend.

Soooo glad things are looking better with your fourteen year old...great news.

Lori said...

Look at all that red in your laundry pile! Are y'all OU fans by any chance?

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