Friday, October 2, 2009

He's Got the WHOLE World in His Hands!

Seriously? Did she say that?
Clayton was telling me something that happened to him yesterday. I truly want my blog to glorify the Lord ... so consider it grace extended in the midst of stupidity :)

He was in a store with the three-year-old 'twins' when an acquaintance walked in and commented on how much they had grown. THEN she said, "I'm a person who believes we ought to support the children in the country in which we live."

Dumbfounded by the out-of-time comment, but being the godly man he is, my sweet husband walked to the counter top and drew an imaginary image of the world, pointed to North America, China, Africa, etc., and asked her, "If you could see the world through God's eyes, which of these children do you think He loves more?" WTG, Honey!

She obviously just needed a soapbox moment because she continued on with how we need to help the children here in our country (no doubt about that!). Helping the children here starts in our own homes, taking responsibility as parents. But that wasn't really her point. She just wanted to voice her disagreement with our family, in the presence of my children.
So, to this dear woman who has never:
parented a child
fostered a child
adopted a child
taught a child
advocated for a child
I would say, "my God loves you anyway."


Jodi Sue said...


TanyaLea said...
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TanyaLea said...

WTG to your husband for his well-controlled and soft, thought-provoking (you'd think!!!) answer! Truly, this woman needs 'educated' in more ways than one. It baffles my mind when people outrightly make such strong, narrow-minded RUDE statements like that. Seriously, who do they think they are?! Your hubby did a GREAT job rising above her narrow-mindedness and then leaving it alone. I'd like to think I would've been as nice, but it's questionable?? Glad he used wisdom and controlled his tongue, and yet made a point in a way that Jesus would have done! Good man!! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Amen sister! I have been told the very same thing. Sadly, I didn't think as quickly and wisely as Clayton did. Awesome job, Clayton!

Have a great weekend!

Aaron and Erica said...

I hope if I ever encounter such comments I can point to Christ and speak as eloquently as Clayton did.

I wish you guys lived closer so we could attend your fundraising dinner...I'll be praying for you though!


Kitty said...

People continue to amaze me.....

Tina said...

Way to GO!!! I have come across some people like that myself and we don't even have our little girl home yet. I pray that if or when that ever happens to me in front of Alyssa I can think as fast as he did!

Love You and Can't wait to see thoe kiddos!!!

Pam said...

From a Momma who is about to embark on a journey that includes both my Indian son and my yet to be made known to me U.S. born child....How can it be measured who needs a family more? I feel so torn that so many children need families...EVERYWHERE! I wish I could help every single one. WTG to you guys for your response this hurtful comment.

Mom Of Many said...

My blood is boiling. Arrrgghhh

But what a great response Clayton!! Way to go!!


trina said...

Amen! If he wanted to be a little sassy, he could have asked her if she has adopted a child from her 'own country.' That would for sure stop her in her tracks. But...I have never said that..wanted to but have not. Clayton did the right thing...and it was a beautiful response. But it does hurt my heart to know your kiddos heard her comments. Alaina knows everything people say and it's getting harder and harder to respond to people like that in front of her. Lord help us. We have so much work to do educating ignorant people.

Andrea said...

and this, Ladies and Gents, is why I love Clayton.


hollym. said...

You go, Clayton!!
In Jesus name, AMEN!!

April said...

Said like a true gentlemen! Thanks for being a example to us all Clayton! Love you all!

Jill and Rick said...

Connie, thank you for sharing Clayton's response! My typical answer has been that "I believe ALL children deserve a loving family, regardless of where they were born" but Clayton's response was just oh-so-perfect.


The Clines said...

I would want to say...if that's where you are called, can I meet the lives from Noth America you are changing!!

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