Sunday, October 18, 2009

Counting my blessings

Beautiful weather Saturday. Beautiful children always!
Goofy, gorgeous children!
Ummm ... not great at setting the timer ;-) Someday I will have an amazing camera that takes fantastic pictures ... and I will learn how to use it!
Blessings too many to count!


Cindy said...

Beautiful smiles!

Looks like room for two more in the pictures...soon!
Thanks for letting us share your joyous journey. Praying you have a safe and blessed trip to China!

hollym. said...

Great family pics, Connie!

April said...

your are right tooooooo many blessing to count! but keep counting them one by one!!!! love you

TanyaLea said...

The photos are great! And I had to giggle about your 'timer' comment, because it is ALL TOO FAMILIAR! ;) We are often pushing that button and making the 'mad dash' to get into place and 'pose' just in the nick of time! LOL!! :)

Have a blessed week! <><

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