Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday and before

I forgot to mention that we went to the acrobat show. What we saw was pretty amazing.
There was a well-intentioned lady behind us who kept shoving hand fulls of popcorn at Abraham. So to please all, his mama broke the popcorn in tiny pieces and gave it to him. Not sure Tami saw much of the show.
We have been praying that sweet Rebecca would be our facilitator in GZ, and it turns out she will be! In anticipation of that, April made a scrapbook for her from our trip in March. I think she's going to love it!

As I mentioned, Sunday was low key in the room. We walked the halls a little bit.

Anything works as a high chair.

Abraham signing 'more.' he's a quick study!

The cutest thing. His mama had grabbed his chin once to get him to look at her while eating. So the next bite he grabbed his own chin .... maybe thinking he'd get the next bite a little quicker! Did I mention he loves food! And do you see that dimple!

Today (Monday) we will stay in the room until 2 when we go to get Abe's passport. Tomorrow morning we leave for GZ! I think we're both ready for the homeyness of the White Swan and the island. I have yet to see my babies on video so maybe when they get home from Bible study tonight they will call me (hint, hint).
Praise reports: Abraham sleeps all night; he is eating very well; he loves to snuggle with his mama; he allows his mama to give him the bottle; he has an awesome personality; he is very apparently turning to his mama for comfort; we are able to go to bed early and sleep fairly well till 5 a.m.; internet connection is good; sun is shining; Gail arrived home safe and sound!
Prayer requests: Abraham would take restful naps; our sinus/allergy symptoms would go away; Abraham would allow his mama to hold him still on the flight to GZ; we would be sensitive and open to opportunities.
Blessings to you all!


erica said...

I am so excited for you and that show looked amazing!!!!! I hope that your sinuses will get better and that Abraham takws a great nap tomorrow!!! The scrapbook is so amaizing...well night and my prayers are with you!

Jodi said...

Rebecca will love the scrapbook! Tell her hi from us Anderson's! We hope to see her again soon too! We are on Day 96 waiting for our LOA!
Praying for y'all!
~ Jodi Sue :)

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