Saturday, October 25, 2008

Foster Home and Great Wall

I'm not doing such a great job of blogging, huh! Yesterday (Friday) we visited a foster home which blessed us more than I can say. All the children in this home have OI (brittle bone disease) and are in wheelchairs.
This is Lydia, who is being adopted by the owners of the foster home! She is the boss!
Gail showing Stephen a picture of himself. He is a charmer. He climbed on my lap and kissed my cheek - ahhhhh!
Strolling from the home to the bakery on a beautiful day. The owners have a bakery to teach the kids life skills. They do all the baking and sell their goods in town.

Right before doling out the candy, Tami showed the students a picture of her family.
The children sang two songs for us, and it was such a blessing.
This young lady led the music.
I won't give the name of the foster home right now because it is run by believers, and they teach the Truth. The students all know about the Father and Son. This home is funded solely by contributions. There were several pictures of Steven Curtis Chapman singing with the children. We were so blessed to learn the things that are happening here. I hope this isn't the last time I visit this home! (Honey, this is so doable:)!

We had the best noodles for supper. Maggie found a noodle restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. Tami thought we should take a picture of our dish so we could order again by ourselves because there are no pictures on the menu.
Today (Saturday) we visited the jade factory and the Great Wall. It was a windy but clear day, and it was beautiful. The leaves are just beginning to turn, and the trees are beautiful. It was very crowded today.

Three women and a baby!
Abe took a little cat nap during the hike.

Gail left for the airport about an hour ago, and she's not feeling the best. We're praying for smooth flights and connections. I'm so glad we three had two days together. It's been a blast! This is a new experience for me, and I'm trying to find my groove as the helper instead of the mommy. Gail has done a fantastic job, and I have big shoes to fill. My prayer is that I'd be sensitive to Tami's needs and be an encouragement. This point in the journey brings homesickness, and Tami is there. Abe is becoming more content and comfortable, but he doesn't seem to like being confined in the vehicle which is causing concern about our upcoming flight home. But we have six days to pray about that, so will you join us. It's a helpless feeling to watch as he becomes upset and his mama tries to console him to no avail. They are learning to dance, and each day brings a new rhythm.
To my precious family, I love you and miss you!


erica said...

hey girl the orphange pics are so uplifting and are so beautiful!!! It gave me chills when I read that insert and my heart just wanted to reach out to them!!!! Love you girl and safe travels....

Jodi said...

What a wonderful time y'all are having!
We will continue to pray for Tami and Abe and their bonding and Tammy's feelings of homesickness.
Praying for your family at home and for God to show you exactly what to do for Tami.

Jodi Sue :)

Blessed Family said...

Oh, Connie how precious those pictures are of the orphanage. It makes me think.... gosh you just want to help them all. I hope you continue to have a great trip, Heidi

Martha said...

If you start planning a return trip to this amazing home, include us in your plans. I am uplifted just reading your account and seeing your pics.

I pray you feel better soon.

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