Thursday, October 23, 2008

About Travel day

So, I didn't post on here that Tuesday morning I woke up with a major sinus infection -yuck! I didn't intend to spend my last day home in the doctor's office, but rather spending it in the rocking chair with all my kids around me. But thank you to those prayer warriors that I felt better by takeoff!
Mom and 5 of my sweeties at the airport.

I miss them already!

I miss my strong man! Thank you, Honey, for being the Mom and the Dad for 10 days!

So ... if the nose on our plane just happens to break, we have a new one :)

Up close ..
Plane that flew me 14 hours from Chicago to Beijing!

I'm so thrilled to be in China! It's been a whirlwind so far. The flights were good, but I sat next to the window beside a man who was on my armrest and in my seat the entire trip! He put his mask over his eyes and slept the entire trip. So between the claustrophobia and the pain pill I took for my sinus pain, you guessed it ... I needed the sick bag! I was so glad to land in Beijing, and I had no problem getting through immigration, baggage claim and customs. Once at the hotel, I was pretty loopy and couldn't carry on a phone conversation with sweet Rebecca from GZ when she called. I slept several hours in my brick bed :) But Mr. Abraham woke up very early this morning so his mommy didn't have much time to herself. Please pray that he would sleep better. I can't wait to post about our day today. We're visiting a foster home! I can't wait! We're headed to breakfast now. To my sweet family, I love you and miss you like crazy. Take care of Daddy for me!


holly m. said...

Praying here, Connie AND you're making me cry with those pictures girl!!!
I'm missing your family for you! Does that make sense?!? :)

Take care of yourself while you're looking out for your friend...

~Mis-Wen~ said...

I can so relate to those feelings of leaving the ones you love behind....if even for a little while! Hugs to you!


Blessed Family said...

Connie, Thinking of you, and I hope you and your friend have a great trip together. I hope you are feeling better. Keeping you all in my prayers. Heidi

April said...

Cant wait to hear about the foster home. Enjoy your time...... Your children will be at my house on Friday! Love you!


erica said...

Hey girl I am so glad that you made it okay and I am sorry to hear about your sinus infection!!!! I hope that everything goes amazing and I can't wait to hear about your foster home experiance either!!! That is really exciting and a great opportunity!!! Love you girl and always in my prayers!!:)

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