Saturday, October 25, 2008

Randomness from a random mind :)

Just a few pictures to share. Sorry if they are duplicates. At the Wall.
Beautiful changing foliage at the Wall.

At the foster home.

Abraham making himself at home and enjoying playing with the kids at the home.

Micah in 'fight' stance, teaching Gail his moves.

My sweet Kayden at the airport.

My precious Kambry at the airport.

My ornery Kaeleb at the airport.

Today will be low key. We were planning to attend church but have decided that Mr. Abraham needs a mellow day so we'll stay in the room. We're waiting for a call from his ba-ba and then we'll go to breakfast. I have yet to speak to my little ones, but from all accounts it sounds like they are doing well. Gail should now be in Chicago waiting for her final flight home. We look forward to seeing Abe blossom even more today. He is so stinkin' cute ... and a little ornery too. When you say, "mama", he says, "ba-ba." He's a good imitator, and is learning baby signs. What a blessing to watch he and his mama get to know each other. To my family, I love you!


Amy said...

Great pictures - your family is beautiful! AmyO (Oct 2005 DTC group)

April said...

Hello Connie,

We missed you at church this morning. The youth did a wonderful job, I am so pround of them. Clayton did testimony on Missions at the last minute, and yet he somehow was prepared. I love the pictures! Abe is very cute. WE miss you and cant wait to see you (it will be here before you know it). Take care, be safe and spread the gospel. Love you so much!


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