Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello, Guangzhou!

We made it! Supper at Lucy's and Rebecca enjoying her surprise gift (April, she loves it!)
From the airport to the medical exam! So I lost the weight wager. I guessed Abe weighed 23 and Tami said 25. He's well over 24!
Dinner and a flight. Garden veggies is undoubtedly better than the meal we opted out of :)

Where's Mama? He loved trying to see through the slot in the door.

It's been a long day! We were all awake by 3 a.m., had breakfast and left the hotel at 7:30. Our flight departed at 10:15, right on time, and landed at 1:15. We went straight to the medical exam, then checked in, did paperwork and met two other families at Lucy's for supper. We are SO GLAD to be here! Personally, I love the 90 degree weather. I was surprised and blessed to meet another Lifeline/Small World family whose blog I have followed in the past. What a small world. Rebecca even joined us for supper, and tomorrow we get to meet Lily for lunch! We are only here for two and a half days, but it really feels like home. Tomorrow we'll wait in the room during the consulate appointment, then have a group lunch and then go to the shopping center. I think Abraham had a breakthrough day! I have been so blessed to watch him bond with his mama. He's ALL toddler boy! He tests the boundaries and tries her patience, but they are learning to dance together beautifully.
However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor 2:9


Tammy said...

It all sounds wonderful! Please send Rebecca love from the Hill family. I've been following the LL/SW family's journey, too. I'm so glad you all got to meet up! I pray you continue to be blessed.

April said...

Glad to see you in GZ..... Please give Rebecca a big hug from April! I'm glad she loves the scrapbook. I see pictures of GZ and long to be there again. Glad to hear of the of the breakthrough for Abraham. Enjoy your trip, because it wont be long and you will be home. Thanks for the update!

Love you,

Howard and Kim said...

We're cheering you on from our corner of the world! We're praying all goes well as you return home!


Mark and Lori said...

Hug Rebecca from us!!

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