Saturday, October 18, 2008

So much going on

First the biggest news: Tami has probably been holding Abe for 1 hour by now! Should be some awesome pix on her website tomorrow morning! We were able to make a video call while she and Gail were at the airport yesterday so I know our computers are communicating, which is good news for a houseful of people I know and love!
Mom needs lots of help cleaning! I don't know how I managed to clean house this morning - it certainly wasn't on the 'list of things to do before leaving early Wednesday.' Tami, I must be nesting for you :)
Kaeleb helped Daddy work out.
Five of us needed haircuts so we spent the afternoon in the mall.
They think they're so big!

Last night we hosted a Johnson family gathering, and it was a beautiful evening!
Although it wore one of us out!
But he was ready to help Mommy this morning.
Musical rugs
My girls are having a 'bednight' snack, according to Kayden, while they wait for Mommy to give them their Saturday night pedicure. My 'to do' list is getting smaller, but I still have a large job to finish, preliminary planning of our youth service, tons of laundry, a football game to attend, Kolton's 13th birthday party to plan, tons of laundry, final packing, more paperwork ... and did I mention laundry? We're leaving home at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday to catch my 7:30 flight, but the flight schedule is awesome - 24 hours later I'll land in Beijing! Couple of cool side notes, my family will meet me at the airport on Halloween so we get to save money by NOT buying costumes this year :) And how perfect that we get to set our clocks BACK 1 hour the day after I get home! May you have an awesome day of worship in the Lord's house tomorrow!

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