Sunday, March 1, 2015


Her schedule will look a little different for the next two weeks.

And so will hers.
For ten years we've talked about taking our kids to visit their birth country.
But life has been busy, the family has grown, and that just hasn't happened.
Kayden is the perfect age for a return visit, so a few months ago we started making plans to take her along.

And then in October Clayton had the accident, and we didn't know when he would walk again or if he could travel.

There's no way I would feel comfortable traveling alone with our newest treasure and keeping Kayden in my sight constantly.  So after getting clearance from the school, we made plans for Kenzie to travel.

Now, by God's grace, Clayton will travel with me!  And so will Kenzie and Kayden.

It will be an amazing adventure for these two sisters!  One returning to visit her birthland after 10 years, and the other returning to the birthland of 9 of her siblings.

We've even set up a Sister's blog that we'll publish if we're able to post from China.

Now if I could just get them to start packing.  Like mother, like daughter I suppose.

FOUR days!!!

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