Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Boy Wonder

So much personality in one tiny package!
Today was Adoption Day!!!

  We are so blessed to call him son and brother!

We went back to the Civil Affairs Office to sign the adoption agreement.  Boy Wonder made himself right at home.

He's convinced that his sisters are here to entertain, his mama is here to feed, and his daddy is here to keep everybody in line.

Our first night was great!  I gave him a bottle and laid him in the crib.  After a few minutes he crashed...and so did the rest of us!

Yesterday morning he had nothing to do with the Ergo.  Screamed and thrashed.  But last night after I'd spent the day with him, we put him in it, and he settled down and allowed me to feed him in it.  Now he snuggles right in.  He's a tad stubborn.  And a lot cute!  Even though he's 2, I'm so grateful that he's so much of a baby.  It's great for bonding!!  Now when he's hungry or thirsty, he comes to Mama!

He now enjoys his bath.  Last night he would only squat in the tub, refusing to sit.  

The girls have some adorable pictures to post.


Angie said...

He is adorable!! Remember him on the list and thought he was so adorable then and now he is even cuter!! Ar you not with the group? We have adopted 6. Two in Henan province. Maybe one more? Did you set up something different? Just wondering. We would love to just fly straight in next time and not be so much in the huge group. His blessings as you enjoy this time with your new little treasure!!

Krista Ranck said...

Look at how much he enjoyed the slide! So wonderful to get to share in your journey. Love the pictures!

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