Saturday, March 14, 2015

Medical Exam - Check!

Going to breakfast.

Dad and the girls stayed at the hotel to do a little relaxing, grocery shopping and laundry...and to avoid the overcrowded medical clinic. 
And a little jaunt to Starbucks to get what Dad initially called a "crappe".  Apparently he's changed his mind :/

 So I braved it alone.  Thank goodness I remembered the Ergo because when Boy Wonder was unbuckled for the exam rooms, he tried to split the scene.

One minute or thirty, he was thrashing and throwing a nice two-year-old fit, and the next he was passed out.

 Crazy Garden Hotel lobby.

Waterfall and fish pond.  Kept Boy Wonder still for 30 minutes.

The whole view.

 In the evening we enjoyed a group meal at Tekila!  Yum!
Kohlby's medical looks amazing!  We'll have to establish a base line and go from there, but we expected far more delays.  From the time line we now have, it appears that Boy Wonder started progressing by leaps and bounds around the time he went to his foster parents.  I am so thankful for the people who have poured into his life.


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