Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 2 in China; Day 2 without Luggage

Today was another pretty laid back day.
After breakfast we walked to a nearby park.  It was a typical walk.  You know, if you're used to walking against crazy traffic!

Coolest thing of all - we skyped with the kids!  
Please continue to pray for the Smith family as they love on our littles!

In the park., this is amazing!  This man takes heated sugar and...
 ...creates these suckers!
 It made us hungry for sugar of our own!

After returning to the hotel, we checked out the pool and tried to buy 3 bathing suits since ours are still in never-never-land.  Turns out, they were slightly overpriced so we went to the gym instead.

We are waiting to hear if our luggage made it to the Zhengzhou airport today so it can be transferred here.  We certainly won't be very impressive in our travel clothes tomorrow.

When we skyped the kids and told them we still didn't have our luggage, Kambry asked, "Oh, do you stink?"  Thank goodness for showers and handwashed laundry :)

At breakfast a fellow believer approached us, and we had a sweet chat about the Father!  What a blessing!

We learned a valuable lesson last night when we all fell asleep at 7 pm....and woke up at 1 am to the sound of a scraper picking up rocks in the parking lot and dumping them in a dump truck.  We'll try to stay up a little later tonight, but I probably won't sleep much because TOMORROW IS KOHLBY DAY!!!!!


1 comment:

Jo's Corner said...

SO excited for Kholby time! Prayers for Peace in his heart...and yours. And. that clothes, etc. will arrive soon.
Much Love, Jo

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