Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Day at the Museum...and Jesus

Wednesday started with cuddles for big sisters!  Kohlby loves climbing onto the bed and flinging himself into the pillows...and for a millisecond he is completely still.  I just realized I haven't shared the girls' blog here so please check it out at Sisters Point of View!

 Ice cream from Burger King
 We visited the Provincial Historical Museum, and this picture is taken with the mythical man who 'created the world.'
And that's where the story begins.
I wish I were more interested in history...but I'm just not.  I took it all in, and there was a temporary exhibit I particularly enjoyed - the evolution of the Cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress). 
As soon as we were told this mythical guy was known as the 'creator of the world,' it took Clayton two seconds to start sharing about the true Creator.

  With every replicated dig site dated a million years ago, there was a conversation about the beginning of time.  With every tomb containing relics believed to preserve the afterlife, there were conversations about security in the afterlife through Jesus Christ.  Beautiful.  Truth!

After the museum, it was lunch time so we had our driver drop us off near Wal-Mart so we could eat a bite and shop for diapers to take to the orphanage on Thursday.  And we needed a toy phone for Mr. I-love-every-kind-of-button!

I've spent a lot of time in the room with Kohlby, and sometimes a trip to a meal or to Wal-Mart are a major journey.  But today was beautiful.  The best weather we've had.
 Kayden's pushing the stroller full of diapers and snacks...
I'm carrying the baby...who thought he could carry the diapers.   It was much too warm for my awesome hoodie from my friend Amy.
The rest of the day was uneventful: National Geographic on TV, noodles and rice at the nearby restaurant and bedtime by 8:30.

Kohlby hasn't been the least bit shy, but he's really opening up to all of us.  He's starting to learn, "No hitting," "No pulling hair," "No biting," "No scratching,"....

Thursday we visit his orphanage, which is very large.  We've also asked if we could meet his foster parents, and we're praying that happens.  He was with them a long time, and they obviously loved him very much.

Today when we were watching TV on the bed, he would come to me and just sit on me.  No matter how I sat, he would find a place to sit.  Be still my heart.

Trivial pursuit:  Zhengzhou has a population of 8 million, and the Henan province is the largest populated province in China with 100 million.


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Jennie said...

Connie - Kholby is beyond adorable with those red "pinchable" cheeks. Also, thanks for pointing us to the sisters' blog - that was a good read. Enjoy the time in China!

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