Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Step Closer!!!

We received the sweet news today that we have 800 provisional approval for Khloie!
Simply stated, it's the last approval needed this side of China!

Now our approval is sent to the National Visa Center, then it's emailed to the US Consulate in Guangzhou where something called an Article 5 is produced.  Two weeks after that, Rebecca picks up the Article 5 and sends it to the CCCWA who will then issue our Travel Approval.  Once TA is issued, Lifeline requests a Consulate Appointment, and once that is confirmed ... we book flights to China!

Oh my...I think it's sinking it!!!


likeschocolate said...

Yahoo !!!!

Julie said...

Have followed your story - we are a few days ahead of you! Our two week wait for the Article 5 started on Jan 9! We are hoping for travel in early March (hopefully covering the week my college son has spring break so he misses as few classes as possible!). This will be our first time to China - I am sure you have done it many times by now! God bless!

Rebecca said...

Tell Rebecca that Qiu Ling (Abby) says hello and that she misses her big bear hugs!!!
Rebecca McKee

Cindy said...

Yippee! One more step closer to your Khloie!

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