Friday, January 25, 2013

#22, Stephen Joseph Backpack

Stephen Joseph Backpack!

Stephen Joseph Backpack - The backpacks are perfect for toddlers on the go. They are quilted and offer bright colorful patterns, and are also machine washable. The winner of this auction can choose from any available bag on the My Red Thread website. Bags do include monogramming and shipping. Retail value $25.00

My Red Thread is a children's boutique owned by Terry and Diane Harlow. They are the proud parents of five kiddos, two of which are little treasures from China.
My Red Thread started as an adoption fundraiser when they were bringing home their daughter Tessa in 2005 and has grown into wonderful business and ministry for their
family. You can learn more about My Red Thread at their website - or on Facebook at!/myredthread

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