Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just a Reminder ~ Tomorrow is NIKON Day!

I know, I know, we've barely wrapped up the auction, I haven't even issued the invoices, and here I am reminding you of this beauty!

But we draw for her tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30!

So many of you have entered via the Chip-In link on the sidebar and others have mailed in contributions ~ thank you so very much!

I can't wait to see who the winner is!

$25 = 1 shot
$50 = 3 shots
1 blog or FB post = and additional shot
Leave a comment or email me if you have questions!

*Note to self* I might have bitten off more than I can chew this week month!  Our Both Hands project letters need to go out this week, we need to square away the auction...and we are in the throes of illness here.  Thank you for praying for our family!  We just want to get Khloie home, and it is completely realistic that we would travel in 5 or 6 weeks!


The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Howdy! Just to let you know we are praying for you! I entered to win the camera through our pay pal account, and I also posted it on my blog! Thank you for the opportunity!

With Love from NH
The Winslow Family
Glenn, Mary, Madelyn, Grace, Edward, Elisha, Jonathan, Nicole, Rosalinda, and soon to be rescued Zoey and Little Eddie.

Here is the link to our blog where we listed your camera fundraiser!


Aaron and Erica said...

Hi Coni! I don't see the button to make a contribution to your account anymore? I know I've seen it before? I want to make a donation for an entry in the camera give away. I will also post on FB.

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