Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Auction and Nikon Update!

*update below about chip-in button*
I am so sorry for the delay in getting your auction invoices.  I've wanted to work on them ever since it closed Monday afternoon...but we've had major illness here.  Not to be dramatic, but I feel like I've got thistles in my throat, a base drum in my head, a truck with bad exhaust in my chest and Paul Bunyan beating on my back.

But...the show must go on!

We are posting the Nikon entries as they come in, and we will draw around midnight tonight as soon as it closes!

Also, some of you will begin receiving your auction invoices via email tonight!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

*for some reason the chip-in button is being cranky today and doesn't always show up.  So here's an alternate method to enter the Nikon drawing.
log in to PayPal, click "send Money," in the "TO" line use my email:; enter the amount you wish to contribute, and in the "Message" section put "Nikon Fundraiser"
Easy peasy :)


Leslie said...

Praying for your Connie. Take it easy on yourself. If it is a few days until my invoice comes..its ok.

Susan said...

Just sent you and e-mail, now I see your update! No hurry. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Suzette said...

No rush... Take care of yourself! Praying for you!

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