Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beach, Final Round

In no particular order. And I do mean that.

What noise?
The big kids left the beach for some souvenir shopping, and thought they'd shock me with this mock tattoo on my 16 year old.
Back off, girls :)
House rules
At the Naval Museum
Packed lunch on the way.
Brother Dude, you gonna share?

Kasidi would randomly break into song, "Big Big House."

Blue Angels practice. It was awesome!
The girls were thrilled.
We always had good food!

This krew always packs a lunch. Kennah is in charge of the chips!

On the way home, these people went crazy!
What a blessing!!!!!!

1 comment:

Sweet Pea said...

Looks like a great time! So glad your family was able to enjoy a special time like that. You DESERVE it! Blessings to you as you bring home another treasure! :) Oh, and we are still enjoying Ringwood Gold at our house. So YUMMY!!!

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