Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School's In!

As I was checking and re-checking each kiddo's backpack late Sunday night, I couldn't stop smiling at this...

The original art smock, first used by Kenzie, who is now 15! My memory escapes me as to why I don't have Kolton's, but I'm thinking it could have been the subject of a random experiment :)

First day of school.

Mr. I-have-to-leave-earlier-than-everyone-else-for-football-workouts. Kolton Tee, complete with coffee cup, cowboy kicks and wheels~

The bus riding gang, with Daddy as the driver.
Kenzie, who will soon have her driver's permit (no way!!!); Kayden, Kinley, Kaeleb and Kambry~
And the homeboy hanging out with Mom for daily lessons.
That's the school crew.
I promise, vacation pix next. But I just want to go through them and soak in the memories!

1 comment:

lizzielou said...

Love the pic of Kooper and Kasidi together! Too cute!

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