Friday, August 10, 2012

Old School; New School

This year school looks a little different for us.
We'll have one too young for school, one entering preschool, one in pre-K, one in Kindergarten, one in 1st grade, one in 4th grade, two in high school and one home schooled.
Hubby and I decided to take the summer to pray about whether I should return to school...and it didn't take long to realize I need to withdraw. I'm completely ok with that! Not that I'm into quitting or anything like that. I loved school last semester, and I pushed myself hard. Maybe one day I will go back and finish; maybe I won't. I don't regret the semester or consider it a waste of time. On the contrary! It was an opportunity for growth and self-awareness.

I poured so much of myself into school that it left little time for the ministries I love. And not nearly enough time for my family.

I missed my teens' ball games, leading youth and so many things I love. I praise the Lord for the opportunity!

Among the things hubby and I realized: I have a great job! He put me through 3 years of school in my 20s to get my court reporting license. I've been self-employed for 23 years, and though being my own boss isn't always as glamorous as one might think, I do enjoy many benefits! I'm home MUCH of the time. I can work in the wee morning hours to accommodate my family's schedule. (Working at night ended years ago - something to do with age maybe). I don't have to grocery shop on Saturday:).

I love that the Lord gave us peace and contentment BEFORE we realized and conceded that our Teen Treasure should be home schooled. Don't misunderstand me - I LOVE public school! It just doesn't seem to be the best option for one of our children in the scheme of things.

He is so relieved that I'm teaching him again. We'll see if that changes:). We are focusing on language acquisition and life management skills. Every day will be a new teaching opportunity.

I admit I feel the pressure. I feel like his future is in my hands...but that's not true! His story is written by the Father, and I only get to influence choices he makes and build on his God-given strengths.

This will be a whirlwind year, for certain! But it's going to be amazing, only because the Father has orchestrated our steps. There will be much time on our knees, much time in the bleachers, much time in all sorts of books...but no time for sittin' on the sideline.

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Jean said...

Blessings to your family as you ALL start a new school year!

I am totally "giving it to HIM"! Between you and me- I don't have a clue but praise the Lord because HE does!!

Cari said...

I think God has given you and your husband a wealth of wisdom for this decision. I know you've spent much time in prayer over it as I do with my kids, too. My daughter will be going back to public school in 3 weeks after being home schooled last year. I hope she has a successful year. We'll see what God has in store. She just went away to a Christian camp for a week and although was completely nervous and wanted to back out, she came back with lots of stories and absolutely enjoyed it. I think it was a great transition for her socially as she is excited/nervous about going back to school.

I think about you often and wonder how your "teen treasure" and all are doing. :)

Serving the King said...

Oh girl, we need to talk! I'm going back to school next week to finish my social work degree. 7 kids, full time student, I can do this....ummmmmmm maybe. Starting to think I've bit off more than I can take!

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