Thursday, August 30, 2012

kindle fire Friday!!!

We've reached another milestone in Kimmie's adoption ~ our paperwork went to immigration on Monday!

We are still trying to raise the funds for fees, and tomorrow we will draw for the kindle fire!

This process has been fast and furious, with greater fees, due to the newest H*gue regulations.

I will say time and again that God has never failed us! Never, ever! And He never will.

We don't even know the spectacular things He has planned to bring our Kimmie home, but we know He's got this! And He's got her!

Each $20 contribution gets a shot
Each $40 contribution gets 3 shots
Each FB or blog post gets an additional shot
There's still time to get in...

Also tomorrow we want to show our appreciation for those who have shared Stacy's Faith/Hope Fundraiser for Kimmie by giving away a pendant. All you have to do is share it on your blog or FB and let me know! We will draw the winner tomorrow!

All glory to Him!!!

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