Friday, August 12, 2011

Successful Day, Yes?

I have re-defined success :)

Yesterday six kids piled into the suburban (well, technically, I loaded and strapped in 2 of them), and we embarked on the horrendous task of school supply shopping, which rates second to multiple doctor's appointments in a single day.

After hitting St*ples and W*l-Mart, we retrieved 75 percent of the supplies.

Two other stores granted us two of the six pair of tennis shoes we need.

We renewed our strength with Ch*ck-Fila (yum!), and met Dad and more kids at the school.

In under two hours we enrolled six kids and headed to the softball field to watch Kenzie's first high school double-header. (Way to go, Lady Devils!)

We came home, fixed supper and went to bed on time...and then Kolton had midnight madness football practice, which I did not attend (Thanks, Ty, for taking him!)

No one got lost, I didn't lose my mind, and we accomplished most of what we set out to do.

It was a successful day. (except I didn't get any softball pix)

Now, please excuse me while I wash the uniform (and six more loads I didn't get to yesterday) for another game today...


Jennifer said...! ;) Way to go!!!

Kim said...

i stand impressed!

enjoyed me some johnson sweet corn tonight...yummy to my tummy!!!


Charity said...

Girl! You amaze me!!

LJ said...

Your days sound as crazy as mine. I have only 4 children though, so obviously, YOU are super mom! You must be one organized mom!!

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