Monday, August 15, 2011

Mama of the Year...

...probably not!
Let me preface this post by saying that I made this trip singlehandedly. (A little sympathy, please :)
This morning at 9 am I loaded two unsuspecting girls in the car, and we went to the doctor for a well baby check and blood draw.
What was I thinking?!?
One hour into it, two sippy cups and one handy dandy cup-o-snacks, and all was still well.
Then we registered at the lab and things went downhill fast.
Kasidi seemed to know something was up. She started grabbing my neck and pinching my arms.
Once in the lab with Kennah perched on top of the mega diaper-slash-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bag, three big people holding sharp objects and safely in Mama's arms, Kasidi began to scream! Fortunately, Little Miss Joy has plump veins, and the vial was full in no time!

Kennah, on the other hand, has no veins! Bless her heart! On the third and final attempt, Daddy showed up ~ our hero! He knew just how to comfort his sweet girl as she cried, "Mommy! Daddy!" Oh my goodness, broke my heart!

We are praying they got enough blood for all the tests...because we won't be going back soon.

Even with big, ugly bruises on their arms, they are SO forgiving!
Bonus! Miss Kennah has gained 1.5 pounds and grown almost 1 inch!

All this harsh treatment has meant lots of snuggles today!


Lori said...

Bless those sweet girls' hearts!! I hate, hate, hate making these sweet little kiddos get blood drawn. It's the WORST!

But looks like your little troopers handled it in stride and bounced back quickly. Yay!!

And bless YOUR heart for taking on such a task by yourself! That is TOUGH work!

Mom of the Year... FOR SURE!!

Shonni said...

Ohhh, what precious babies...and how wonderful to have their mommy and daddy there to help them through the day!!!!

Jodi said...

what were you thinking! :) tee!hee! :)
donovan has tiny veins too -I was so glad when I took Elijah in and his veins were much easier!
Glad they are feeling better now - getting lots of lovin' from their mommy and daddy!

Jennifer P said...

Oh, poor babies. Glad you made it through!

MotherOfTwo said...

So glad for those two girls they have such loving parents to soothe them at times like these!

Rachel said...

Poor baby girls...and Mommy & Daddy! Isn't it strange how those heart-wrenching medical moments actually help with bonding?! Your girls couldn't be more precious!

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