Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking Forward ~ updated

*updated below!

I just know 2011 is going to be an amazing year! How do I know this?
Because I serve an amazing God! He is able and willing to do far more than I can imagine.
But I know that 2011 will be nothing more than turning the pages of a new calendar unless I am willing to let Him change me. Even new habits may be meaningless absent a new heart.
So daily I seek Him. I invite Him to use me, wherever, however would glorify Him. We are blessed to be surrounded by folks being molded by Him - what an inspiration. May we never tire of change!

Looking back can often strengthen us in times of struggle, remind us of God's faithfulness, shed light on His purposes...but it is never where we should dwell. Today in church Kambry started a deep conversation involving the word "experience." Yes, she's 4, and yes, it wasn't the best time for her to whisper her wisdom to me, but the Lord spoke even in those moments.
He reminded me that even though my testimony is peppered with experience (through trials, hardships, fear and loss), the experience is NOT my testimony. My testimony is in my relationship with Christ; not my experience.
One of Webster's definitions of experience is ~ a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something.
Those 'particular instances' are the moments and circumstances that cumulatively make up my lifetime, but I can't place my hope in any of them. Nor can I rest in them, thinking God will use the 'same old, same old,' to bring new light. What happened yesterday is old news.
I don't want to experience Christ once; I want to relate to Him every single day.

But how often do we do that? We accept Him as Lord and Savior, then settle into an eternal security that renders us useless here and now.
I'm not on some self-righteous high horse; I'm holding myself accountable.

Lord, help me to never become settled into a comfortable existence. Let me never count on my experience, but rather glorify You by loving others with the very life you give me every single day.

In looking forward, I'm excited to read through the Bible again, this time in three months.
I'm also stepping up my effort in prayer. These are some of the most meaningful moments of my day, spending time communicating with my Father.
Along with that, I'm starting a new prayer journal, and I want to include YOU!
How can I pray for you?
If you're comfortable doing so, please leave a comment with your request, and I will consider it a privilege to pray for and with you.
Looking forward to all He has for us in 2011!
Should've turned that picture before I posted it - rats! Thank you for allowing me to pray for you! If you've left a comment or emailed me, you're in the 'book.' I consider it my privilege to daily lift your requests to the One who hears our prayers, and even knows our petitions before we speak them.
This is my opportunity to pray for you, but some have asked to pray for us (thank you!). Here's a short list :)
1.Our "Both Hands" Project through LifeSong
2.That the following grant apps would be prayerfully considered~
A Brother's Love
LifeSong Matching Grant
God's Grace Adoption Ministry
Show Hope
3.That God would be glorified in our fundraisers~
Squeaky Shoes
Wild Olive Tees
Scentsy by Becky Bilby
Our New Adoption Decals (coming soon)
Every creative fundraiser He places on our hearts
4.That Kasidi's foster family is encouraging her physical development, despite her medical need; and most importantly, instilling a desire to receive and give love in a family setting
5. A business decision
6. An unspoken decision weighing heavy on our hearts
Sorry you asked? :)
I'm on day 2 of reading the Bible through in 90 days, and I LOVE it! I have to get up even earlier to do it, but I get so much more out of reading so much in one sitting.
I'm still taking those requests, so please allow me to pray for YOU! May you cling to God's renewed mercies today!


groovy mama said...

Oh Connie that a wonderful request!

As you know my story, to again open my hubby's heart/home to another orphan, i am open arms, just waiting on him!

I hope your New year brings you much LOVE and the little one in China(fast), i can't wait to see her in your arms!
Happy New year!

Naomi said...

Thank you for praying for us!! I am excited to follow you once again to china!!!

Please pray for patience as our family waits still for the Lord to provide us with a home. (We moved to NJ from the UK in April and have been living with the in laws but we are so eager for our own home! also for healing over the loss of our baby Jude whom I lost at 18 weeks pregnant, in August. He would have been born this month! Please pray that the Lord would direct us as we seek His will to adopt again!

Thank you so much Connie!!! I shall pray for you too!

Kim said...

Thank you for offering your prayers. I would love prayers for our adoption of our soon to be 14 year old daughter in China. We are praying for each of these last steps ( we just received LOA). Thank you so much. Kim

Chris said...

I will be praying for you guys too, but you can pray for us.
I need prayer so I can properly mother these children of mine- With love and not fear. Prayer for wisdom on treating our son's feet and hands. And that my newly diagnosed ulcerative colitis behaves and responds properly to meds...so I CAN continue being a mother.

Cari said...

Love this post, Connie! Would you pray for bonding as a family especially with our 12 y.o. daughter that has been home 6 months now, and that we would be able to get our finances in order this year so that someday we would be able to experience the joys of adoption again. :)

Shelly said...

We are praying for our Gracie to come home soon. We would love it, also if you prayed for us as we wait on the Lord to bring us a new place of ministry! We know He has a plan for us.

Erika said...

Thank you for offering to pray for my family. Wow, what a blessing!

I would like for you to pray about us adding another family member, either through adoption or pregnancy. Pregnancies have been very rough on me, and we also have infertility. But I really want another baby. So, I would like for God to show us what the next step is and if it's adoption, then to have peace with it.

Thanks so much. I love your blog!


Jodi said...


Thank you so much. Please pray for my sister, she recently lost her job and is a single mother with three children (all adopted, two from China).

Thank you so much. I love you blog.


April said...

Connie your are such a blessing to me! Thank you for offering to pray for all whom leave a message or not! Because I know you, when God places someone on your heart you pray for them!! :)

I can use prayers for the new journey I started today! I know my body is not a proper temple for my Lord, and I must get it healthy! Please pray as I start W~Watchers, pray for will power and motavation that stays with me! Thank you for your loving and serving heart!

Kim said...

I just wanted to thank you for your prayers. It feels so wonderful to know that our adoption is being covered with prayer. Thank you so much. Please know that I would love to pray for you too. Love, Kim

Difference2This1 said...

Connie...I continue to be blessed and encouraged in "knowing" your family via your blog. Please add us to your prayers...we are going through a dark time with the older child we brought home 2 years ago. I know you understand these challenges..and things are harder then ever right now with her and it's so sad and difficult to watch her decline.

I will continue to keep your family in prayer as you work in His will in loving the children you've brought home and the one yet to come. God bless, Jennifer

Erica said...

Connie, I am so blessed to have you in my life...I ask that you pray for me and school! I am struggling to have the desire of being there and I know that I am suppose to be but the devil is bringing me down! I am so thankful that you are a close sister of Christ! I love you!

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