Friday, July 3, 2009

Who, Me?

...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chr 7:14
I am reminded so much lately of the Power we possess as the children of God. How easy it is to forget this Power in the midst of our nation's financial crunch, poor decisions of leadership, a nation of people more interested in what can be done for 'me' rather than what can I do for 'you.' I'm not pointing fingers. I often find myself crossing lines of selfishness. It's so easy to take the sophomoric attitude of 'everyone else is doing it.' But how that must grieve our Heavenly Father.
If we pray at all, our petitions may be selfish, halfhearted or laughable.
God have us this amazing gift in Christ Jesus (a gift of ultimate cost to Him but free to us), the gift of salvation, and with that gift comes the power of the Holy Spirit! Oh, if every child of God would tap into that Power!
That Power doesn't give us the ability to effect change outside the will of God, grant selfish 'wishes,' or vindication. But prayer does change things! We have seen mountains moved on behalf of others and ourselves .... because God's people were on their knees. But only when we realize that all things are possible for our Almighty God and limited things are possible without Him can we approach Him with the courage we forget we have (2 Tim 1:7).
For us to effect change, we must believe it can happen. I am constantly reminded that the standard by which I am judged is not the lifestyle, personality or actions of others, but the Truth of God. I must be reminded daily. And today the passage in 2 Chronicles serves as my reminder.
I am reminded that I am "God's people." He has called me by name. He knows me better than anyone. He even knows my needs before I do.
I am reminded that He wants me to humble myself. It does not serve His purpose for me to always have the last word, prove a point or just want to be 'right.' Oh, how I am learning that lesson.
I am reminded He wants me to pray. He wants to hear from me, and He wants me to hear from Him. He hears and answers my earnest prayers.
I am reminded He wants me to seek Him. Yes, He is everywhere, but isn't it amazing that He wants ME.TO.SEEK.HIM. He wants to relate to me, not in a broad, generic way, but personally! Mind boggling. It isn't going to happen if I am so focused on what "I" need to do rather than what He would have me do. I am blown away at the plans He has spoken into my life. I am undeserving of His goodness.
I am reminded He wants me to turn from my wicked ways. Now that's the kicker! My 'ways' wouldn't really be classified as 'wicked' ... would they? Let me think: Do my words, habits, actions, priorities glorify the Lord? Edify others? Line up with His Truth? Not talking about perfection here, but striving for likeness ~ Christ-likeness. It's a journey, a daily one.
I am reminded He will forgive my sin (wicked ways) and answer my earnest prayers.
Lord, thank you for granting me power and courage to approach your Throne room of grace. Please change my focus, my priorities to things that would glorify You. Please break my heart for the things which break Yours. Please forgive me for the things which grieve You and help me turn from them, all the while keeping my eyes on You. Please help me and all Your children realize the authority You have given us to effect change for Your kingdom. Please set my selfish desires aside and let me daily ask what You would have me do today. Speak to me, Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen

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