Monday, July 27, 2009

Church Will Never Be The Same Again

Yesterday was a day of Sunday School celebration - Promotion Day! Kenzie promoted into youth; Kayden moved into 1st grade; Kaeleb and Kambry moved out of the nursery - yikes! (I love the people who keep the nursery!)
I've been dreading this day for a while because I know how my toddlers sit still. We quietly sat wrestled through the service. It was quite a workout. I tried to swap pews with the folks in the back but they wouldn't budge. I think they just wanted a giggle :) For now I will trade my notebook for coloring books and my highlighter for crayons. This too shall pass, and before I know it they will be promoting into youth - yikes!


Pam said...

Oh Connie. You have my sympathy. Our church didn't have a formal nursey. I praised God when Micah got potty trained...he was then able to go to children's church! LOL! :) It's rough wrestling them through church, isn't it??? :)

Andrea said...

Girl! I ain't given you MY sympathy.
I am in the same boat you are.LOL!
I am glad to see that someone else has to carry the big ole' MARY POPPINS bag into church,too.
Makes me feel like I am part of a very cool club. ;)


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