Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lifesong Grant Response

Since some have contacted me or posted questions, I will tell you where we are. As of June 30, we had received $550 of the $3000 match. That's when I asked for the extension and Lifesong granted it to July 15. Everything up to $3000 will be matched dollar for dollar, and any funds exceeding that amount will still be applied to our adoption costs, even though they won't be matched. I've provided the web, mailing address and phone number in the upper right-hand sidebar of this page. Lifesong administers funds for many non-profit ministries, and any funds received for our family must be designated Johnson #837 adoption.
We truly appreciate your prayers!

1 comment:

Foggy said...

At Lifesong's web site I discovered that while one can contribute on-line, Paypal will deduct 2-3% of the amount given.

To make sure 100% of a contribution goes to the Johnson's one has to send a check.

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