Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching up

For the most part the corn harvest is going great! But when we had the major heat wave back in June it damaged about five rotations - they didn't pollinate. So what that means right now is we have 4 days of NOT getting up at 3 a.m. to sort corn :) :) :) Oh, how I despise the sound of that alarm! I have to say that even with the loss of some of the crop, it has yielded above our expectations!
This is NOT a good thing! Last Saturday our system tipped over, but with help of neighbors we were irrigating corn and melons by the next day! (There are some folks around here who really want that corn ;-)
Here's one of 'em!
A couple blurry pictures from VBS!

Cleaning up after the wind storm that did NOT damage our corn - PTL!

My tomboys digging in the driveway. That would be "Love" with a backwards L, just for Mom!
And that pretty much catches us up. We're back to picking corn in 2 days so I'd better hurry and gets lots done before then ...


Pam said...

Ever since I started following your blog, which has been awhile ago torture me with your sweet corn posts. Oh how I wish I could taste it. Blog should be a crime. :)

Tim said...

Odd how Pam's comment of Blog torture should trigger for me a thought about the corn feeding the world and broken heartedness.

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